Color Splash - Designer Oval Fusion Bowl

  • $9.99

Feeding time is the best moment for pet owners to lavish their love and care. To make it all stand out you need the right kind of feeding bowl and Color Splash Oval Fusion Bowl meets your expectations perfectly. This is a designer stainless steel feeding bowl for dog or cat that is wrapped in colorful PET exterior with cute paw prints on it. What’s more? The fusion bowl has distinct legs with rubber padding, which keeps the bowl a bit raised from the floor.
The interior of Color Splash Oval Fusion Bowl is made of food grade stainless steel that is sparkling and sturdy. The stainless steel inner bowl is strongly fused with the plastic exterior to present a unique feeding bowl. The oval shape of the bowl is also outstanding because most of the other bowls are available in a circular shape. The rubber pads on the legs of the bowl make it anti-skid and stops the pet from pushing it around. It also prevents food from spilling or the bowl from tipping over. The pad also prevents unnecessary noise due to the movement of the bowl during feeding. The padding can be removed when required, though the bowl is non-removable. The bowl is suitable for both wet and dry food.
The Oval Fusion Bowl is quite popular and available in a range of 3 colors - Green, Brown and Grey. They come in a range of three sizes - small size of 450 ml (15 oz), medium size of 850 ml (28 oz), and large size of 1600 ml (54 oz).
The Color Splash Oval Fusion Bowl has been manufactured by Iconic Pet, creator of high-quality products.
Food grade stainless steel
Paw print plastic exterior
Sturdy and hygienic
Anti-skid rubber legs
Pet friendly design

*Colors may differ slightly.