Color Splash - Designer Rattan Fusion Bowl

  • $9.99

The Color Splash Rattan Fusion Bowl stands out for its quaint design. The exclusive bowl has a rattan (woven bamboo) finish in plastic over the stainless steel bowl. The rattan finish makes the bowl look as if it is a part of the natural environment. The Rattan Fusion Bowl derives its name from the woven rattan design on the outer side of the bowl. The bowl is made of high quality food grade stainless steel and provides a superior and clean feeding product for your pet. The bowl has an anti-skid base so that it does not move around when the pet dog or cat is feeding.

The woven pattern on the outside not only adds to the look of the bowl but makes it more safe and sturdy. The bowl can be freely used for feeding food or water and holds the right quantity that you want the pet to have. The bowl can be easily cleaned and it is dishwasher safe. The well bonded anti-skid base of the bowl is what makes the bowl spill proof in any condition.

The Color Splash Rattan Fusion Bowl is available in three colors – Beige, Black and Grey. The rattan coating has a single color and gives the bowl a sophisticated look. The bowl is not only a great product for feeding your pet dog or cat but it adds to the beauty of your interiors with its eye-catching style. The Rattan Fusion Bowl is available in sizes of 450 ml (15 oz), 850 ml (28 oz) and 1600 ml (54 oz).

The Color Splash Rattan Fusion Bowl has been manufactured by Iconic Pet, creator of high-quality products.

Food grade stainless steel
Rattan plastic finish outside
Dishwasher safe
Anti-skid bottom
Choice of colors

*Colors may differ slightly.