Color Splash - Designer Trimond Bowl

  • $11.99

The world is not enough for your pets, that’s why designer, high quality and hygienic feeding bowls are vastly popular nowadays. The Color Splash Trimond Bowl is a designer, stainless steel bowl that is coated on the outside with plastic and has a rubber base. The bowl gets its name from the three elements - steel, plastic and rubber coming together to create an elegant and effective product. The food grade stainless steel bowl ensures that the pet not only has its food in an attractive bowl but it is also safe and clean. The rubber base ensures that the dog or cat bowl is anti-skid, allowing the pet dog or cat to feed in peace without having to chase the bowl all around. The bowl is made of rust free high quality steel and other fine materials, making it highly durable.

The clean and bacteria free steel bowl can be used for food or water and you can be assured of your pet’s perfect health. The plastic coating not only adds to the designer looks of the bowl but provides additional protection for the steel bowl. The rubber base ensures that feeding is spill proof, as the bowl cannot be knocked over. The bowl is easy to clean and it is dish washer safe.

The Color Splash Trimond Bowl has a two color design and it is available in three options – Green + Grey, Pink + Grey and Orange + Grey. The sizes range from small to medium and large. The small bowl has a capacity of 450 ml (15 oz), the medium bowl 850 ml (28 oz) and the large one 1600 ml (54 oz).

The Color Splash Trimond Bowl has been manufactured by Iconic Pet, creator of high-quality products.

Colorful and elegant bowl
Food grade stainless steel
Anti-skid base
Spill free feeding
Dish washer safe
Rust free durability

*Colors may differ slightly